Kahan's well of musical knowledge is deep. He has a preternatural grasp on the elements necessary to build and refine any style of song. Writing, production, mixing, performance­ - he has both the technical and emotional ends covered. In the studio he's calm, objective, and enthusiastic. Opinionated and communicative without being pushy. He's very tall and symmetrical. He can also be a right goofball, which is an indispensable quality in any professional.

-Joe Stratton of Brooklyn-based band Not Blood Paint

Working with Kahan on our new record was a truly amazing experience, especially considering we were operating from different sides of the Atlantic. He was able to anticipate almost every move and decision, and when faced with unpredictable challenges, he relentlessly powered into it until he had exactly the sound we were looking for. The fundamental difference between Kahan and other producers we have worked with is that we truly got the sense that he cared deeply about the end result. He is an honest man and this translates into his style of mixing, bringing out the best of the band sonically whilst keeping it as a representation of how they actually sound. I'm sure he is capable of mixing in a different style, in fact from his previous projects he seems to be capable of anything, but this was the case with our record. In short, an incredibly knowledgeable, mind-blowingly creative and hard working music producer.

-Jingo, emerging UK alt rock band

Kahan’s ear is impeccable, his timing is flawless. His vision is vast, yet simple—his approach comprehensive, yet concise. Kahan is generous with his time and skill. He spent countless hours patiently recording, selecting, mixing, experimenting. His professionalism, attention to detail, and diligence are rare in this time. He wants the music to sound as clean and professional as possible while maintaining authenticity. You can trust his work is for you. I can’t say I would have ever considered working in a studio if it weren’t for Kahan. His certainty and trust in my project brought my relationship to making music to a new level. It was a very positive experience to work with such an intelligent, sensitive, careful, and attentive person.

-Widow, New Orleans-based musician and performance artist

Working with Kahan James is as good as it gets. I asked him to create so many different genres of music for my feature film soundtrack that I can’t fathom the challenge he faced...and he killed it. It would be easy for anyone who has worked with Kahan to praise him with a long list of superlatives, he deserves all of them, but the most important thing I can say is this: not only did he create amazing music for me, but working with him - the journey itself - left me with an indelible memory of what making art should always be.

-Marvin Solomon, LA-based filmmaker

Working with Kahan was one of my favorite recording experiences because I was really able to get the best of both worlds. Kahan’s knowledge and understanding of the studio environment ­- everything from gear to the pace of the work process - is highly professional and particularly human. He also has an extensive collection of vintage and analog gear and instruments, and a great understanding of how best to use his own skills to bring out the best in an artist.

-Bill Bartholomew, Brooklyn-based solo artist

I'm truly blown away by and grateful for Kahan's work on our album 'Believing Is Believing.' The word "purity" keeps coming to mind. There's nothing that stands in the way between the listener and the song. These songs ARE these songs, this record IS this record - not an impression of it. The album is realized in so many ways and that is because of Kahan.

-Mark Jaynes of Brooklyn-based band Not Blood Paint

Working with Kahan was kind of a dream come true. I'd heard the work he'd done with a lot of other musicians, and I was always impressed. His approach in the studio was serious and determined, but not so much that we couldn't have fun and play with the songs until they found their particular sound. Kahan repeatedly checked for my input during the mixing process to make sure I was getting what I wanted.  But just as often I'd ask him to follow his instincts, and he'd lead us somewhere cool and unexpected.  He loves music and he knows what he's doing.  He elevated what had been a homemade demo to a professional EP that I'm proud to share with the world. I thank him.

-Erik Bryan, Brooklyn-based musician, writer and editor

In 2002 I was directing a play in Hollywood for which Kahan composed an original song. Kahan was incredibly helpful, going out of his
way to get the piece sonically perfect on a wicked deadline. He did an amazing job and I am forever thankful for his assistance.

-Bo Anderson, LA-based director and music producer

Working with Kahan was such an easy and rewarding process. I asked him to compose some music for me for a humanitarian project I was working on in Haiti. When I described the musical style I was looking for, Kahan said he already had a song that he thought might fit, and played it for me over the phone. It was perfect. Though my needs and Kahan's song matched serendipitously in this instance, it was Kahan’s ability to discern what I was thinking and respond with something played live for me right over the phone in a matter of minutes that was truly impressive. Since working with Kahan I have recommended him to everyone I know who is looking for original music for their project.

-James Rhodes, Seattle-based photographer/videographer and activist

I've worked with Kahan James on three projects: "Slacker P.I.", "The Experimentalists" and "Episode Zero: The Phantom Premiere." His expertise in music production, as well as his creative ear, made the experience smooth and professional. From composing theme songs to background music, Kahan James elevated my productions and I would not hesitate to work with him again.

-Noel Shankel, LA-based filmmaker and writer

I recently needed Kahan to create a musical score for a science fiction story I've been working on for some time. I didn't want it to sound like the standard orchestral approach and wanted something more unique. Kahan understood what I needed right away. He brought in his own ideas as well as listening to my requests. The final product ended up having the exact mood I was looking for, but on top of that had some really cool elements that I absolutely love and wasn't expecting. Kahan is professional in every way, and very dependable. Can't wait to work with him again!

-Tom Lintern, Brooklyn-based illustrator

I was lucky enough to meet Kahan at an open mic. Working with him was a great experience. A lot of fun was had experimenting and getting the most out of the songs, and Kahan did a great job producing them. I am very grateful for the experience.

-The Driver, Austria-based madman

Working with Kahan has been quite the boon on every level of the creative process. He has worked closely with us on constructive elements in specific songs, on devising self-­imposed limitations to strengthen and hone songwriting technique in general, on organization and coordination with engineers to maximize studio time, and realizing auxiliary production layers such as string and brass arrangements. He has a fantastic ear - not only musically but also for responding to the needs of our band in the moment, giving advice and critical feedback when appropriate and allowing us space to 'work it out' ourselves when appropriate. He is a human of integrity, a talented artist, and a great friend.

-Seth Miller of Brooklyn-based band Not Blood Paint

Kahan is an incredible artist and one of my favorite collaborators. He brought endless ideas to the table and created a piece of music that told such a specific story, which helped us set the mood for a crucial moment in our play. I look forward to our next collaboration.

-Jedadiah Schultz, New York City-based actor, director, and character from The Laramie Project

Working with Kahan has been paramount in my journey as an artist. Not only did we make amazing recordings, but I learned a lot about the process of what it takes to do so. His intuition is unrivaled and always tasteful ­- he is a real pro.

-Steve Nelson, Brooklyn-based solo artist

It never ceases to amaze me when extremely creative and talented types are also proportionally efficient, disciplined and productive. Kahan is one of those gems.

-Mariá Vaz, Brooklyn-based musician and fashion designer